Ferndale First

United Methodist Church

Faith with Works

Community missions that make a difference in our backyard.

Free Adult Incontinence Products

Ferndale First has partnered with World Medical Relief to provide free adult incontinence products to the public. Briefs, pull-ups, bed pans and sanitary products have been opened, but re-sealed are available to whoever needs them. Available for pickup at Ferndale First Monday-Thursday 9am-12pm. 

Food Banking

Ferndale First continually accepts food donations that will be distributed to folks in the area that need it. Donated food will power Ferndale First’s hunger relief ministries as well as contributing to Gleaner’s of Southeast Michigan.

Community Clothes Closet

Ferndale First continually collects season-appropriate clothing donations to stock our pay-what-you-can Clothing Closet. Clients in need can browse for comfortable clothes in dignity and comfort in a store-like environment. Available at Ferndale First Monday-Thursday 9am-12pm.

Advocacy for Justice

Our Social Creed calls United Methodists to manifest the life of the Gospel here on Earth. We advocate for social, political,  economic and environmental justice in whatever forms they are threatened. Ferndale First regularly holds learning events and protests to bring God’s liberation to all who are oppressed.